Create your own modular synth with the free Automatonism software

Dipping into the world of modular synthesis can be quite pricey, but thanks to a new piece of free software called Automatonism, it’s accessible to everyone …


Made in the Pure Data programming language by PhD student Johan Eriksson, the basic interface features 67 built-in modules that can be patched together to create weird and wonderful sounds and sequences. Eriksson’s even created a 7-track album showcasing what kind of music can be made using the software, which you can listen to here.


Though its interface is rather daunting Eriksson has designed it to be as easy to understand as possible. There’s no prior knowledge of Pure Data required and he’s even created a series of “synth recipes” with presets and tutorial videos for beginners. If you’re a little more experienced and want to venture deeper you can build and modify your own modules too.

System Requirements:
Pure Data is required to run the software and can be downloaded for free here.

Automatonism is available to download for free here where you can also find a guide to installing and using the software.

Automatonism from Automatonism on Vimeo.