Discogs announces the imminent launch of Gearogs; their second-hand music gear marketplace

Discogs has announced that they’re expanding into second-hand music production gear with the launch of its new site, Gearogs next month…


With world still very much invested in the vinyl-revival Discogs has become an increasingly used tool for casual and avid collectors alike and with the imminent launch of Gearogs the company hopes it can capitalise on the second-hand market once more.


“I’ve been focusing on what we call our meta-projects like applying the Discogs concept to other things,” says Discogs founder and CEO Kevin Lewandowski. “We’ve started [a music gear database] Gearogs, because gear is so close to records. We’re launching a marketplace in April.”

The database is already available to peruse here and users will soon be able to buy and sell their gear via the site.