pATCHES release the free Radiohead Groove Pack for Ableton Live

pATCHES has released the Radiohead Groove Pack, a free pack for Ableton Live that gives fans the opportunity to incorporate grooves from any of the band’s studio album tracks into their own productions…

radiohead groove pack

It should be noted that the Radiohead Groove Pack is not a collection of sampled beats, instead it brings the swing, timing and humanisation synonymous with the band, promising to imbue your tracks with interesting rhythms and odd time signatures.


Utilising Ableton Live’s Groove Pool feature you can drag and drop the files of the grooves you want and switch between them whenever you need. There’s also a “random” parameter on each groove to add a more natural touch.

If you’re interested you’ll first need to make sure you’re running Ableton Live 9.7.1 or later and then head here to download the pack and find out more information.