Drumforge Reveal DF-Q – The First Drum EQ

Mixing drums has forever been an uphill struggle, but that may no longer be the case with the arrival of DF-Q from Drumforge, the “first EQ built for drums”

Drumforge DF-Q

Drumforge claims to have stripped away the mathematics behind EQ, replacing it with something much more simplistic and much more musical. A spokesperson from Drumforge states, “You and I being creative’s, we think and communicate in musical terms, so why don’t we use tools that are musical?”


What Drumforge created was the DF-Q, an EQ that operates using three parameters; Punch, Clarity and Attack, allowing you to use your ears rather than your eyes when mixing drums.

The Drumforge DF-Q is available on PC and Mac for the special price of $49 (usually $69) and can be purchased here.