Superbooth 2018: Dave Smith Instruments tease the Sequential Prophet X

With Superbooth a mere two days away, Dave Smith Instruments has set our hype levels to overload with a teaser video of the Sequential Prophet X, a new hybrid synth and sampler…

Showcasing an unorthodox, but incredibly exciting fusion of unusual piano sounds and choral samples, the Prophet X looks like a serious piece of kit, featuring a multitude of sleek knobs, 3 screens, modulation strips and pitch wheels.


You can see in the image below that sample library production company 8DIO’s logo can be seen on the top right, so it’s safe to assume they’re behind all those samples we’re hearing.

sequential prophet x

Other than what we can see in the video and product photo the X remains a mysterious entity, though we know it will make an appearance at Superbooth, where we hope to see it in action. Watch this space.