Dualo du-touch: A Revolutionary New Instrument?

Now this looks set to be a rather interesting instrument, funded by supporters using startup website Kisskissbankbank.com, Dualo have launched a brand new – uniquely designed and potentially revolutionary piece of kit: the Dualo du-touch.



Dualo started in 2011, the brainchild of two musicans and scientists. The Dualo Du-Touch has a simple and straightforward interface – featuring a keyboard control that apparently initiates you in a unique method of learning how to use the du-touch to read and play music without resorting to any theory.

Dualo say:  “This keyboard is called dualo keyboard because it is composed of a double keyboard, one for each hand. On a Dualo keyboard, the notes are organized so that the notes that sound good together are placed right next to each other. Thus, all music items like scales and chords become simple geometric shapes, easy to remember and play. With this intuitive principle using visual memory, a person who has never played any music can have fun and take pleasure in the opening minutes.”



This sounds like a good way to get started learning music if the user has little previous experience. Dualo has developed a “instinctive and complete instrument incorporating a synthesizer and a looper/arranger allowing the user to play every instrument sounds and overlay sound loops” We’ve already seen a few brand new instrument concepts already this year, including the ROLI Seaboard Grand – it seems 2013 is the year to question our firmly established music making instruments.

“Play drums, record it and it runs in a loop. Choose a bass, invent a simple bass line, record it, it also runs in a loop. Do the same with sounds of guitar, piano, synthesizer. No need to be a master of the drums and the guitar to play a whole piece of music.”




Well we can certainly see the appeal. The industrial version of Dualo du-touch is set to go on sale in December 2013 after several successful trial versions were well-recieved. The new version boasts the following impressive features:


– a body made of a new material of better quality, nicer, more robust, with a better finish,


– a larger color screen,


– a slightly adjusted design for a better taking in hand,


– a wireless MIDI connection, thanks to a USB key plugged into your computer,


– a larger and of high quality soundbank, made in collaboration with a renowned soundbank maker,


– more accurate motion sensors,


– a louder audio output.


The Dualo du-touch will come with a wireless midi USB key, a belt to play upright, a protective cover, a charger, a USB cable, an operating manual and an ‘interactive learning method’.

The Dualo du-touch was made entirely in France and funded by the support of individuals using kisskissbankbank.com, however funding continues at this link until July 24 2013 if you wish to support the company’s endeavors. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on it!

Read more about Dualo’s du-touch here