eJay Pure Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Wired Productions have announced that they are planning on releasing an iOS and Android app version of the classic 1990’s dance and club music making software eJay. Now named ‘eJay Pure’ which in the words of Wired Productions will bring the original eJay ethos of fun, addictive and simplified music making, to a new generation of users”

The app will be free to download when it is available and further features will be purchasable in-app.


The software is nearing completion and the Kickstarter campaign was launched to attract financial investment in the final 50% of getting the software finalised. Wired state: “Apart from what we have already invested, it will take another £300,000 to bring eJay to the market with new samples, on iOS and Android, and the back end community website support. Wired are investing a further £150,000 so we are looking to raise £150,000 from the eJay and Kickstarter community. We are heavily investing our own money money into this project because we believe in this project and eJay is part of our DNA. We are going all in. But we’re a small, self-funded company and we can’t do it all ourselves.”

For more detailed info on eJay Pure and to pledge a donation to the cause please visit the Kickstarter page for the project here.

Here is a beta version of eJay Pure in action: