Emeraz: The Next Big Thing?

We have had a wealth of alleged ‘next big things’ for internet-based songwriting and social-networked-collaboration coming our way, however none has tickled our fancy as much as a very intuitive and user-friendly new platform called ‘Emeraz’  – A very straightforward interface enables musicians and producers to sign up – create a Facebook esqe profile page and very quickly instantly connect with other musically-minded people from around the world.


What we like about Emeraz primarily is it’s simplicity, and how it combines multiple different avenues of online music-making, such as the often laborious process of finding the right people to work with! With a few search filters you can narrow down exactly the people you need from an ever growing list. Perhaps the most exciting attribute of Emeraz is that you don’t necessarily need to find people to work with who are within travelling distance, nor do you have to exchange emails/phone numbers – All the collaborative discussion and creative exchange is done directly through Emeraz’s wholly integrated workspace.

You can also get industry feedback with just a few clicks, this level of insight would previously take a lot of time to set up and manually network – Now Emeraz is making this a vital part of the songwriting process for professional musicians. Amassing fans is easy and the social-media component looks well integrated and can link with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our very own Liam O Mullane has recently signed up and is sampling the range of delights that Emeraz has to offer, and fully utilising the collaborative features.

There’s a great deal more to discover about Emeraz, but we’ll let you sign up and check it out for yourself, watch this space for more on Emeraz, we’re certain this thing is going to grow!

Check it out here:  EMERAZ