Erica Synths releases Eurorack spring reverb with DSP

Black Spring Reverb pairs DSP effects with a real reverb tank.

Following up the excellent Black Stereo Delay, which we recently reviewed, Erica Synths has released the Black Spring Reverb – a new Eurorack module with a difference. Deviating from the traditional Eurorack format, the new offering includes the main fascia with controls as well as a separate, physical spring reverb tank that you need to install in your Eurorack case. 

The module also has a built-in Vactrol-based audio compressor and, unusually, a digital signal processor in the feedback path with effects such as pitch-shifting, delay, ring modulation and more.

As well as coming bundled with its own spring reverb tank, if you have one of your own, you can hook that up easily via front-panel patch points and run both at the same time for washed-out, experimental timbres.


Listen to the Black Spring Reverb for yourself in the demo video above.

Black Spring Reverb is available now and costs €270 direct from Erica Synths. For more information and videos of the module in action, visit