Erin Barra To Demonstrate Ableton Push @ Tekserve – LiveStream Thursday 18th July

Ableton artist Erin Barra will be demonstrating Push on Thursday 18th July at Tekserve, NYC – Erin is an internationally touring singer/songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist and she will be revealing some of her tricks for Push and using it in a live and studio context.




Erin will also be showing off her skills with Max for Live and Suite 9. We caught up with Erin to chat with her about the event and her own career and being a powerful, creative woman in the male dominated industry of music technology. Which we’ll be sharing very soon!

Erin will be starting a production beginning with an initial click and culminating in a live performance at the event and she’ll explain the process as it unfolds

The event will be live streamed via Erin and Livestream

Check back soon for that interview – should be a great event!