EVE Audio Ship SC4xx 4-way Monitors

EVE Audio have now released their SC4xx 4-way active monitor series. The SC4xx is the largest in their SC range and promise to deliver extraordinary stereo imaging and detail.

The two models in the series are the SC407 at 6.5 inches and the SC408 which is 8 inches. Both come with SilverCone woofers and a range of other high-end physical attributes that ensure the best possible sound reproduction. See the official press release below:




UK — EVE Audio, the Berlin based high quality studio monitor specialist, is proud to announce the availability of the SC4xx 4-way active monitor series. The largest in their SC range, SC4xx models are designed to deliver extraordinary stereo imaging and detail with very low levels of coloration in any listening environment.

The SC4xx series features two models: the SC407, 6.5-inch powered studio monitor; and the SC408, 8-inch powered studio monitor. Both models are equipped with a pair of SilverCone woofers and a midrange unit with glass fibre coated diaphragm in honeycomb structure, ensuring a powerful bass and detailed midrange reproduction.

As with every other EVE Audio speaker, SC4xx series utilize EVE Audio’s proprietary AMT (Air Motion Transformer) technology with a bigger magnet system to deliver excellent transparency and delicate treble with virtually no distortion, even at high output levels. Each driver is provided with its own PWM amplifier, enabling an impressive sonic performance, with the SC407 boasting a response of 35Hz to 21kHz and a peak SPL of 116 dB, while the SC408 features a response of 32Hz to 21kHz and a peak SPL of 118 dB.

All of the frequency response parameters are controlled by high-resolution DSP electronics supported with a high quality A/D converter from Burr-Brown. As the PWM-amplifiers are directly connected to the DSP section, no additional conversion is necessary and this guarantees extreme reliability.
The speaker design is clean and simple, yet stylish and appealing. The grey plate in the middle of the monitors housing the midrange unit and AMT tweeter can be rotated for vertical as well as horizontal installations.


The SC4xx series 4-way active monitor speakers are available in the UK now
SC407 Price £3599.00 (Pair)
SC408 Price £4999.00 (Pair)

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