FabFilter’s Timeless 3 delay boasts a streamlined workflow and the “warmest” sound yet

Five new feedback effects, six filters and a brand new preset library might make this a desirable plug-in for all echo enthusiasts.

Dutch brand FabFilter has updated its tape-style delay plug-in, introducing Timeless 3. The latest iteration promises a warmer sound and features five new one-knob feedback effect modules, six filters, plus an overhauled GUI that makes it easier to design your delay lines.

FabFilter has redesigned its analogue-modelling algorithms from top to bottom in Timeless 3. According to the brand, the result of the upgrade is the “warmest filters and smoothest saturation yet’, with delays that boast more character and presence. FabFilter achieved this by tweaking the temporal response of Timeless’ feedback circuit.

Timeless 3’s GUI is a total revamp of its predecessor’s, with a new delay display that provides visual information and instant configuration of delay time, feedback and mix settings. An interactive filter display also enables you to shape frequency response, while modulation signals are now easily accessible via the visual display. Those familiar with other plug-ins in the FabFilter family should feel at home with the new, darker GUI. A full-screen mode has been implemented, too.


Five new one-knob feedback effect modules are onboard to apply character and colour to delay feedback signals. Drive and Lo-fi are ideal for adding analogue-style saturation and digital distortion; Diffuse can soften and smear sounds; Dynamics will compress the delay; and Pitch can shift feedback by up to an octave, either up or down.

All five feedback effects can be easily modulated. You can use Timeless 3’s XLFOs, envelope followers, XY controllers, MIDI CCs and more to set these effects in motion.

Timeless 3 triples the number of available filters in Timeless 2, now offering six multimode filters. You can use these to shape the tone of the delay using high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, shelf and notch modes. The filters can be routed in series or parallel, with three filters on each left and right channel for interesting stereo delays. Mid/side processing is also available to hone in on the stereo image.

An all-new preset library features instrument-specific patches, dub echoes, spacious reverbs and experimental special effects, for quick inspiration.

FabFlter’s Timeless 3 plug-in is available now for £94/€109/$129 in VST, VST3, AU, AAX and AudioSuite plug-in formats for macOS and Windows. If you’re already a FabFilter plug-in owner, you may be eligible for a discount on an upgrade or new purchase. A 30-day trial is also available.


Learn more at fabfilter.com