Facebook reveals Collab music video app

Split-screen music collaboration video app is clearly inspired by TikTok.

Facebook has unveiled a new iOS app called Collab that’s designed to make musical video collaborations easier during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The new app allows users to quickly build musical collaborations by combining three performance videos. Upload a video of yourself playing, then other users can play along with it to make a music video collaboration. Alternatively, you can put together up to three videos of other people’s material that you find on Collab.

These video collaborations can be shared on other platforms including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, but they must first be posted on the Collabs platform.


Facebook isn’t first out of the gate with this idea. TikTok duets have been wildly popular, however on that platform only two videos and one audio track are permitted. And, generally, the phenomenon of YouTube musicians sharing filmed performances for collaborations is nothing new. The difference with Facebook Collab is that it’s specifically designed for this, and can mix up to three videos, each with their own audio track.

Right now, the iOS-only app is in beta and accessible only by invitation in the US and Canada. So, if you’re dying to make a synth video collaboration while social distancing, keep an ear out for the public release date – or get busy with some video editing software.

For more information, visit npe.fb.com

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