Fanburst – A New, Free Music Sharing Platform For Artists

In age where advertisement is rife and fees are preventing the organic discovery of music, Fanburst promises to be the light at the end of the tunnel…


Here’s Fanburst with the full story:


It’s hard to discover new, exciting music these days. Streaming apps have become staid, focusing less on the artist and more on business models that disrupt the experience for artists and listeners. It’s even harder for artists to share their music, for free, and not worry about ruining the user experience for their fans. Not Fanburst.

Since its Beta launch in 2016, Fanburst has made it its goal to devote everything to musicians and the fans. The service provides unlimited music uploads for artists with limitless streaming for listeners — and all for free.

While recently launched, Fanburst has been an outcome of artists and fans complaints of the current music environment. Obviously both Soundcloud and YouTube have been incredible for user generated content, and let’s not forget Spotify, but the music environment has been becoming more and more limited.

For new and older artists – uploading music has become expensive on any pure music or audio platforms like Spotify or Soundcloud, especially producers and artists with a lot of demos, or, they have relied on YouTube – which is no place for music and demos. From a conversation with the founders, they believe applying a YouTube model for content creation is key – this will unlock the creative talent of the internet.

According to the founders, who share their time between Australia and NYC, “Our goal is to help artists share music with their fans and earn a living while doing it.” — “We want to make sure all music creators, from all over, have the opportunity to upload and share their content.”

Regardless of Fanburst being a Soundcloud alternative, we really think it’s a possible additional place for artists to call home. The more platforms there are for artists and fans, the better it is for music. The numbers also seem really strong, Fanburst is boasting tens of thousands of artists and the goal is to help these artists monetize by the end of 2018. It seems like some really high profile acts as well as amazing up and coming artists have joined –


Fanburst also wants to accommodate for the developer community, boasting a stellar performance on popular tech product site, Product Hunt. They have developed the only open music API – especially as Soundcloud and other major services have moved to shutting down access.

From the Product Hunt post – “Other music APIs require registration and a lengthy approval process before you can start building. We want developers to use our API and library to build new listening experiences on desktop and mobile.”

Finally, definitely sign up and give it a go if you’re an artist or music fan, you won’t regret it. They boast a pretty amazing popular music page too! This could be the next YouTube for music, or take the place of Soundcloud as things heat up on the internet. We will get a first look as Fanburst progresses – the team is awesome!