Focusrite iTrack One Pre for iOS is here!

It seems that each week more and more developers are bringing their expertise to iOS for the musician on the move and now it’s Focusrite’s time to shine with the iTrack One Pre…

itrack one pre

The tiny little cube offers a mic preamp and guitar input and has been designed for recording high-res audio into your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


You won’t need a power supply and the optional phantom power is generated from your iOS device, meaning you can pack a condenser mic for those moments of inspiration outside of the studio. Atop the cube sits a gain ‘halo’ for setting the input level and Focusrite tell us that the high-headroom guitar input will enable users to accurately capture the sound of any guitar.

The iTrack One Pre works with most iOS devices up to and including the iPhone 6s. iPhone 7 support exists but the lack of a headphones jack means that simultaneous monitoring is not possible.

The iTrack One Pre is available now and can be yours for just £120. For more information of compatible devices, specs and to purchase head to the product page here.