Funky Junk Launch Funkeys

This is rather apt as the MusicTech Synth Special lands – Funky Junk reopen their specialist synth store…

Funky Junk are well known for supplying the highest quality gear to artist and musicians the world over and now the London-based supplier are relaunching their specialist synth centre called Funkeys for, they say, ‘the best new and vintage analogue synths and keyboards.’ The full release is below…



Funky Junk is chuffed to announce the rebirth of our legendary Funkeys new and vintage synthesiser department.

On display and in stock, the best current synths from manufacturers such as Fairlight/CMI, Mellotron, Dave Smith, Moog, Novation, Korg, Sherman and a growing list  of others lurk side by side with classic keyboards from Yamaha (CS80), ARP, Oberheim, Wurlizer, Hammond, Fenfer Rhodes and others.

Of course, being part of Funky Junk, service and warranty support are the best in the UK, handled by our in-house technical department, Boffin Island, augmented by the best freelance synth techs  in town.

Needless to say, as well as keyboards and synth sales, Funkeys offers excellent trade-in deals (for keyboards or recording equipment) and will purchase unwanted keyboards for cash.

Funkey Junk is open Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm

T: +44 (0) 207 281 4478  843