Alesis’ Strike Amp 8 lets electronic drummers go loud and portable

A compact amplifier with enough output for practicing solo or with others.

Alesis has announced the Strike Amp 8, a lightweight amplifier for electronic drum kit players that’s loud enough for both solo practice, or practice with others.

The amplifier packs 2000 watts of peak power, which is a lot of clean headroom for your drum sounds. It has an eight-inch driver for delivering low-end, and a special compression driver for high frequencies. The combination of speakers, according to Alesis, delivers drum sounds across the full frequency range with minimal colouration.

As for sockets, you get a pair of combo inputs for either XLR or quarter-inch cables, and an XLR output for sending signals out to a secondary amplifier or into a recording device for tracking. Controls on the amplifier are straightforward as well, there are gain pots for both input channels, a ground lift button for eliminating ground loops, and a contour button for making tweaks to the amplifier’s EQ.


Alesis Strike Amp 8
Image: Alesis

The Strike Amp 8 is priced at £224.99. An official launch date for the amplifier has yet to be announced.

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