Antelope Audio debuts Edge Go mic, Gen 3 Orion 32+ and Orion32 HD

The world’s first bus-powered modelling mic and two refreshed audio interfaces revealed.

Antelope Audio has expanded its Edge collection with the Edge Go modelling mic and refreshed two of its flagship audio interfaces: the Orion 32+ and Orion32 HD. Here’s a closer look:

Edge Go

The Edge Go is a studio-grade large-diaphragm condenser microphone that features the convenience of USB recording and onboard effects.

The new offering is essentially the company’s multi-pattern Edge Duo mic with a built-in console preamp and the company’s real-time FPGA processing on board. Among the available processors are models of myriad classic condenser mics plus vintage compressors, EQs, de-essers, gates, tape saturation and reverb.


Though the mic itself sports a USB-C port, it’s also USB-A compatible and features a 3.5mm headphone output for real-time monitoring.

Check out a demo of the Edge Go below:

The Edge Go is available now and retails for $1,595.

Gen 3 Orion 32+ and Orion32 HD

Antelope Audio Gen 3 Orion 32+
The Gen 3 Orion 32+

The third generation products of Antelope’s flagship audio interfaces are packed with a host of new operating and processing features.


The Orion 32+ offers up to 64 channels of I/O when recording 192kHz/24-bit audio – half that when using USB 2.0 – and boasts upgraded AD/DA conversion, which helps to achieve a dynamic range of 129 dB. The upgraded interface lets you take advantage of its onboard processing within your DAW using the company’s AFX2DAW software bridge. It also comes with a custom Thunderbolt driver for Windows.

Antelope Audio Gen 3 Orion32 HD
The Gen 3 Orion32 HD

The Orion32 HD – Antelope’s USB 3 and Pro Tools HDX-compatible interface – has also been spruced up with the brand’s flagship, mastering-grade AD/DA conversion, allowing a quoted dynamic range of 136dB. Additionally, you’ll have access to 38 real-time, FPGA-powered effects modelled after iconic studio equipment.

The Gen 3 Orion 32+ and Orion32 HD retail at $2,595 and $3,995 respectively. More info at