NAMM 2020: Austrian Audio previews HI-X55 and HI-X50 headphones

The debut headphones from the Austrian manufacturer are built with professionals in mind.

NAMM 2020: Austrian Audio has announced two new headphones designed for professional producers and engineers, the HI-X50 and HI-X55.

Austrian Audio is a relative newcomer but has already made a mark with its high-quality OC18 and OC818 microphones. Their new headphone designs exhibit thoughtful design choices that make them durable, portable and professional.

The HI-X55 headphones are closed-back that are built with comfortable memory foam pads, ergonomically designed for your ears, perfect for long mixing sessions. HI-X55 is a full metal build, with a flexible headband, making it robust and long-lasting. The headphones also fold in, allowing for easy portability between listening environments and storage. With an impedance of 25 Ohms, the Vienna-made headphones work with both pro and consumer playback systems, and have a wide dynamic range.


Austrian Audio’s second pair, the HI-X50, is the on-ear sibling of the aforementioned. These are tuned for a more bass-forward sound with DJs and FOH engineers in mind. The HI-X50 is built with the same materials as the HI-X55, allowing for the same durability. Both models feature replaceable parts just in case you push thzem beyond their boundaries.

Austrian Audio HI-X55 and HI-X50 are due to be available soon, with prices TBC. 

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