Beatport Link and offline storage coming to Denon DJ hardware

You’ll be able to DJ without a laptop.

Beatport has struck up a licensing partnership with Denon DJ, a deal which will see the Beatport Link subscription service and its proprietary locker technology fully integrated with Denon DJ’s Prime hardware by the end of 2019.

With the agreement, DJs will soon be able to stream tracks from Beatport’s catalogue straight from Denon DJ units – no laptop needed. Besides streaming, the collaboration between both parties has also yielded a brand-new service, Beatport Link Pro, which lets DJs save offline tracks to Denon DJ hardware. The service will be available in two plans: Beatport Link Pro (save up to 50 tracks) and Beatport Link Pro+ (save up to 100 tracks).

Denon DJ SC5000M display beatport link
Streaming from Beatport Link on the Denon DJ SC5000M


The Denon DJ units most likely to take advantage of the new streaming and storage features include the recently launched Prime 4 smart controllers as well as SC5000 and SC5000M units. These three devices have WiFi capabilities and are Ethernet-ready.

Beatport’s partnership with Denon DJ isn’t the subscription service’s first venture into hardware integration. Beatport Link had previously been integrated with Pioneer DJ’s WeDJ app, allowing users of the DDJ-200 controller to stream tracks from the device itself.

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