Blokas’ Midihub is ideal for computerless synth rigs

    Powerful new standalone MIDI processor/router can create MIDI data.

    After three years of R&D, Lithuanian company Blokas has opened pre-orders for Midihub, a standalone MIDI processor and router that’s designed to process MIDI messages in more creative ways.

    Central to Midihub are “pipes”, which the company likens to MIDI effects. Pipes can be combined within Midihub’s companion software editor, which features a flexible, drag-and-drop I/O matrix.

    Blokas midihub editor
    The Midihub editor


    Different combinations will instruct the device to process MIDI messages in unique ways. You can, for example, split MIDI messages coming from your MIDI keyboard by octaves, controlling two or more different synths in the process. Other potential usages include creating unusual chords from single MIDI notes, or sending distinct divisions of the master MIDI clock to other devices.

    Here’s the punchline: once you’re settled on a programmed route, you can enjoy custom MIDI processing without the need of a computer.

    In terms of I/O, Midihub sports four MIDI inputs, four MIDI outputs as well as a USB port. There are also eight onboard presets that you can toggle via dedicated buttons.


    Here’s an introduction to Midihub:

    Blokas will conduct the pre-ordering for Midihub in a crowdfunding format. To find out more about the purchasing options, head over to



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