Buchla to reissue the 100 series modular synth

Seminal modular unit was first introduced by Don Buchla in 1965.

Buchla has announced forthcoming reissues of the 100 series modular synth. The self-contained unit’s rebirth comes from a collaboration between Buchla instrument expert Todd Parton and San Francisco Tape Music Center founders Morton Subotnick and Ramon Sender.

Don Buchla, the late founding father of West Coast synthesis, was commissioned to design his first instrument in 1963 by Subotnick and Sender. The ‘100 series’ came to be in 1965, and this upcoming reissue is said to be true to its original form and format.

According to Buchla, the reissue will be available in ready-made or DIY kit versions. At press time, prices and release dates have not been made known.


Watch Subotnick talk about the 100 series modular synth:

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