Envision Sound to launch Kickstarter for Strata controller next month

The Ableton Live-compatible controller was announced two years ago.

Envision Sounds Strata controller

Envision Sound is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Strata next month. The feature-rich controller, which is a companion to Ableton Live, was first announced two years ago.

Strata is touted to offer “a new way to play in Ableton Live”. And judging by the device’s raft of knobs and buttons, it could very well live up to its billing. Images of Strata’s prototype show 32 knobs, 96 function pads and 16 ‘playing’ pads.

Strata’s Kickstarter campaign is slated to go live on 1 October. In the meantime, Envision Sound has opened a Beta testing group to trial a fully-featured GUI app version of Strata’s control system. Although the beta testing is free, you’ll have to purchase a copy of Clyphx Pro. In addition to the testing, you’ll be able to contribute feedback on hardware and features via a forum.

To join the beta program, sign up here. More info at envisionsound.tech.