Erica Synths’ Black System II is a 16-module synth

From synth leads to basslines to droning sounds, this behemoth can do it all.

Erica Synths has pulled the curtains back on Black System II, a modular synth comprising 16 modules from the brand’s Black series. Owing to its a variety of sound generators, the device is capable of instrument-led sounds – like synth leads and basslines – cosmic sounds and droning noises.

On the sound generation front, you’ll find Black modules such as the Wavetable VCO, VCO, Modulator, EG/LFO and Polivoks VCF. The last of these serves up authentic-sounding emulations of Formanta Radio Factory’s famed Polivoks.

You’ll be able to sculpt sounds further with Black control modules such as the Quad VCA, MIDI-CV, CV Tools and XFade. The XFade, in particular, facilitates the manual or CV-controlled crossfading of two signals, be they audio or CV.


Another notable inclusion is the Black Stereo Delay, which earned a 9/10 rating in our recent review.

Black System II ships with the brand’s 2x84HP skiff case and 25 patch cables. You’ll be able to use it as a standalone unit, or extend its capabilities with keyboards and MIDI sequencers.

Hear Black System II’s sounds below:

Pre-orders at €2,900. More info at