Isovox debuts sleek Midnight edition of Isovox 2 vocal isolation booth

    A new black finish for the unique vocal accessory.

    Swedish brand Isovox has updated the Isovox 2 vocal isolation booth with a new finish: Midnight black. The portable unit originally shipped in a white enclosure, but after requests, now comes in a sleek, dark enclosure.

    Besides its outfit change, the core principle of Isovox 2 is the same. That’s to provide a portable studio-grade vocal booth that eliminates room sound and lets you record and rehearse without disturbing your neighbours. Isovox also claims vocal records made in the booth are warm and punchy. These qualities are mainly achieved with the use of four different layers of “Super Acoustic” materials, says the brand.

    Isovox 2 also features a patented 360 XYZ Pro Acoustic construction, which is designed to minimise external sounds entering from all angles. As a result, Isovox claims that its booth is over four times more effective in reducing room sound compared to other solutions.


    Here’s an entertainingly bizarre video overview of the story behind Isovox from its makers:

    Retails at £899, including heavy-duty stand. More info at



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