NAMM 2019: Lewitt reveals $99 pencil mics

Precision stereo recording on a home studio budget.

Viennese mic makers Lewitt has made it its mission to offer recordists modern alternatives to more established studio staples. And its two latest pencil mics, being presented at the NAMM show in Anaheim later this month, have been designed to offer the quality Lewitt is known for at a price that home studio recordists will love.


At only $99 apiece, the diminutive LCT 040 MATCH is the most affordable mic in the award-winning LCT range. According to Lewitt, its compact and sturdy construction makes positioning a breeze. As far as sonics go, it sports a custom designed capsule with so-called “instant transient response”, allowing for the realistic capture of acoustic instruments such as guitar, drums and strings.

The LCT 040 MATCH also comes as a matched pair, using a custom process that only couples mics with identical behaviour, according to Lewitt. If the claims are true, this would be a seriously affordable way of doing precision stereo recording at only $189 per pair.



Lewitt’s other NAMM announcement is the LCT 140 AIR, a new pencil mic with switchable voicing that will cost $149. We recently saw a similar feature on Aston’s Starlight small diaphragm condenser mic, but Lewitt’s offers linear and ‘airy’ modes for more open-sounding recordings. Those with less nimble fingers will also be pleased to see that the slide switches are ergonomically flat and wide, and don’t require a key or toothpick to switch modes.

These mics will be introduced at the NAMM Show from January 24 to 27. More information soon at