Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ 2 app lets you stream directly from SoundCloud

Available on iPad, Mac and PC.

Back at NAMM 2019, Native Instruments gave us a peek at Traktor DJ 2. The entry-level mixing app has now officially arrived on iPad, Mac and PC. It boasts SoundCloud Go+ integration and a set of useful DJing features. Here are the details:

Direct streaming

The big feature on Traktor DJ 2 is integration with SoundCloud: Subscribers to the streaming service can now access libraries, playlists and liked songs directly from NI’s new app. SoundCloud access is also bolstered by track suggestions based on the current key and BPM value.

Mixing features

Besides its streaming capabilities, the app has the same sync function found in Traktor Pro, letting you automatically beat-match your tracks. Having this tool frees you up to focus on effects, loops and assigning Hotcues, but you can also turn it off to develop your beat-matching facilities, as NI claims.

Freeze mode


Freeze Mode lets you freeze a section of a waveform while the track continues to play. The frozen segment can then be played like an instrument by tapping on it. This mode should come in handy when “chopping up vocals or dissecting interesting drum beats”, according to NI.

At launch, Traktor DJ 2 is compatible with these controllers: the Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 – as seen in the video above – Traktor Kontrol Z1 and Traktor Audio 2 Mk2.

Available as a free iPad app or on desktop. More info at