Output Thermal lets you approach multi-band distortion with creativity

It’s equipped with 15 distortion algorithms and nine built-in effects

Output is known for its innovative takes on otherwise commonplace production tools – stretching even to studio furniture. Now Thermal, the follow-up to granular effect plug-in Portal, is here to shake up the world of multi-band distortion.

Said to invite experimentation and inspire creativity, Thermal’s main point of control is an XY matrix that lets music-makers make broad strokes with its layered engines. These consist of 15 analogue and digital distortion algorithms, nine built-in effects, as well as time-based and mid-side imaging talents. The other controls displayed on the main page include a distortion control, a grime control and a mix slider.

When switched over to advanced view, Thermal’s true depth is properly revealed – with parameters for each of the aforementioned layered engines. An interactive frequency spectrum at the top of the plug-in allows the EQ bands of individual stages to be user-defined, making for an intuitive way to plan out a harmonically complex distortion. There are also two waveform manipulators for shaping your sounds. Towards the end of Thermal’s signal chain are a master compressor and filter.


Output Thermal
Image: Output

If that all sounds like a lot, don’t worry. Thermal also comes preloaded with 250 presets that demonstrate its capabilities.

Thermal is priced at $149 and is compatible with Mac OS 10.9 or Windows 7 and later.

Learn more, and see it in action at www.output.com.

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