Plogue’s Chipsynth MD recreates classic Sega Genesis chiptunes

    Plug-in features an emulation of the OPN2 chip.

    Plogue has debuted the Chipsynth MD plug-in, a four-operator FM synth that recreates the vintage sounds from the Sega Genesis console.

    The plug-in emulates a key sound component of Sega’s 16-bit console: the OPN2 chip. Plogue combined the OPN2 emulation with two elements: an SN76489-compatible square wave core and emulations of “crunchy sample playback” heard in those vintage games.

    The above components all feature in each of the plug-in’s six voices, opening the door to multi-layer tracks. Plogue has also thrown in a VGM file player that is designed to let you listen to scores of vintage soundtracks.


    Retails at $49.95. More info at



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