SoundGym expands ear training game range with Bass Detective

Get better at identifying low frequencies.

SoundGym has released Bass Detective, an interactive game designed to help you improve your sensitivity to low frequencies. The goal of Bass Detective, according to the brand, is to help you make more informed decisions when tweaking low-end during producing and mixing.

The game is built around a peaking (bell) EQ filter that is able to boost a selected frequency range between 50 to 400 Hz. Your job is to toggle the EQ-on and -off buttons, compare the equalised and non-equalised sounds and locate the boosted frequency.

Bass Detective is the 16th ear-training game from the online platform, which earlier this year launched BeatRace, a virtual gym for beat-makers to hone their chops.


To play Bass Detective, you’ll need to sign up as a SoundGym Pro member. Subscriptions are priced at $24.95/month or $119/year.

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