Spitfire Audio captures the sounds of the city in new LABS title, London Atmos

    London Atmos is inspired by musique concrète, Jon Hopkins and Burial.

    Spitfire Audio has announced London Atmos, its latest title in the LABS virtual instrument range. The free instrument lets you incorporate the urban sounds of London in your creative projects.

    London Atmos was inspired by the styles of two British electronic musicians – Jon Hopkins and Burial – as well as the compositional technique known as musique concrète. The library was put together by Spitfire engineers who used a Sennheiser MKH418 to record the sounds of London’s Tube, city traffic and more.

    The field recordings were then rendered into instruments such as percussion, pads and atmospheric loops.


    Hear some of the sounds of London Atmos below:

    Download London Atmos for free at spitfireaudio.com.



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