Summer NAMM 2019: sE Electronics bundles V series drum mics in V Packs

The bundles arrive in a sturdy case for your mics and accessories.

Back at Winter NAMM 2019, sE Electronics unveiled a trio of V series drum mics: Kick, Beat and Clamp. With Summer NAMM around the corner, the company has introduced bundled options for these mics known as V Packs.

There are two V Packs on offer: Arena and Club. Arena, as its name suggests, is tailored to larger drum rigs. This bundle packs one V Kick, three V Beats and Clamps, one V7 X and a pair of sE8 condensers into a sturdy sE flight case.

The V Pack Club, on the other hand, targets drummers with minimal mic needs. This bundle arrives with an SE flight case as well, although details about its contents and pricing have not been released.


The V Pack Arena retails at $1,199. More info at And for the latest SNAMM 19 news, click here.