TBProAudio aims for tracking and mixing flexibility with the CS-5501 plug-in

    The CS-3301 successor has all the tools required for vocal and instrument processing.

    TBProAudio has introduced the CS-5501, a channel strip plug-in designed to make tracking and mixing more flexible.

    This new tool doubles the offerings of its predecessor, the CS-3301. It arms you with two seven-band EQs, two gate modules and two compressors with available compression types including VCA, FET and Optical. The aforementioned modules are joined by two de-essers and two limiters.

    The plug-in also boasts a dual-meter monitor display that helps you keep tabs on input and output signals as well as the level of gain reduction applied by the compressors, de-essers and limiters. Additionally, you’ll be equipped with an A/B loudness matching display which, according to the brand, helps you steer clear of the “louder is better” trap.


    Check out a brief introduction of CS-5501 below:

    Available at €59. More info at tb-software.com.



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