Wave Alchemy launches Bassynth, a low-end behemoth

    Kontakt instrument packs emulations of analogue mono synths, bass guitars and even acoustic instruments.

    Wave Alchemy has released Bassynth, a Kontakt instrument that significantly beefs up your low-end options. The instrument boasts a raft of unique emulations, including analogue mono synths, gritty polysynths, live brass sections, bass guitars and acoustic instruments.

    Central to Bassynth are two components: a powerful hybrid engine plus a 10GB-large library with multi-sampled sound sources, oscillators and wavetables. Bassynth’s capabilities can be effectively distilled into three stages: create, perform and sequence.

    You can create sounds with up to four voices. To get you started, Bassynth lets you pick from 800 sources, highlights of which include deep 808s and tortured percussion. The voices can be further tweaked with independent controls – filter, resonance and mix – and source parameters. There are also 14 wavetable distortion shaping algorithms available should you want a more gnarly sound.


    Bassynth also boasts a Performance page that lets you audition factory presets – 290 are available – and create up to eight macros. Each macro can have up to eight parameters assigned to it. The page also boasts X-Y sliders that let you morph between the synth parameters and modulations in real-time.

    Additionally, you can sequence the eight macros using Bassynth’s Polystep Motion Designer. By drawing in changes, selecting from 36 distinct sequences, or randomising each lane, you can create a variety of modulation effects. These include “complex polyrhythmic modulation” as well as “dramatic rate-shifting wobbles”.

    Hear Bassynth’s sounds below:

    Available at £119.96 (RRP £149.95). More info at wavealchemy.co.uk.



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