Wavesfactory Quantum is a smart transient shaper with built-in effects

It breaks up signals to attack and sustain, lets you process each and stitches it back together.

Wavesfactory’s Quantum is a smart transient shaper that breaks signals into two paths: attack and sustain. The plug-in then lets you process those parts in a variety of ways before stitching them back together.

Quantum could be thought of as a multi-effects suite on top of being a transient shaper. Its workflow can be applied in mixing to make instruments more ‘oomph’ or as a creative suite of tools to sculpt choppy samples, go lo-fi and more.

That’s all courtesy of Quantum’s set of 16 different effects, which gives you dynamics processors, delay and saturators, but also modulation effects, a sample rate reducer, convolution reverb, stereo tools and more.


You’ll also be able to chain these effects together within Quantum, and for actual transient shaping, there’s a full-fledged EQ with mix control and five bands.

Wavesfactory highlights some applications of the plug-in in this demo video:

Wavesfactory claims Quantum’s transient detection is able to produce more “artefact-less, more natural results than other methods” that might sound too digital. This automatic approach does away with the threshold parameter too, so you get to work faster.

Wavesfactory Quantum is available now at an introductory price of €99 (usually €149).

Learn more at wavesfactory.com