GIK Acoustics Introduce Demi Q7d Diffusor

GIK Acoustics have today announced the introduction of the Demi Q7d Diffusor, a half sized version of their popular Q7d Diffusor.

Made using high-quality wood laminates that result in ‘tight and repeatable’ tolerances, the new diffusors continue GIK’s traditionally strongly built range of sound absorbption products. Read on for more info…



Press Release:

BRADFORD, UK (March 18, 2014) – GIK Acoustics-Europe, a leading manufacturer and seller of top-quality absorption and diffusion products, today announced the introduction of the Demi Q7d Diffusor – a half-size version of their standard Q7d Diffusor.

Like the full size Q7d, the Demi Q7d Diffusor is made using high quality wood laminates which are cut using CNC machines that result in extremely tight and repeatable tolerances. We use the same 7-root well design as the full size Q7d, but the Demi Q7d is only half as tall.

The smaller size of the Demi Q7d means customers have a wider variety of placement options from rear wall, reflection points, or behind dipole / bipole speakers to address specific situations. It can also be used in more general places to minimize slap echo.




The Demi Q7d Diffusors are sold two to a box making them an ideal solution to hang in mirror imaged pairs to cover a larger area without repeating the well pattern to avoid lobing.

GIK Acoustics-Europe General Manager David Shevyn said, “We developed the Demi Q7d as an option for customers who need flexibility in the acoustic solutions for their space. Because of its small size, the Demi Q7d is ideal for customers are restricted by the dimensions of a small room. Customers have more options as to where they can have diffusion simply because it’s half the size. And selling them in pairs means you’re getting an outstanding value.”

For the Demi Q7d Diffusor pricing and features, visit the product page: