Create atmospheric horror and emotional tranquility with DRONAR Live Strings

Gothic Instruments has released DRONAR Live Strings, the third module in the critically acclaimed DRONAR sound design series…


Beneath the surface lies “10GB of world-class live recordings being fed into a huge multi-track modular plus synth, effect, arpeggio and rhythm sequencer controls, this is a powerful cinematic beast worthy of heaven and hell.”


It promises to be “an expressive, highly-playable module that creates a massive range of strings-based textures,” that will allow you to create “awe-inspiring soundscapes.” If it delivers it should be an incredibly versatile tool, allowing users to create suspenseful horror-imbued atmospheres as well as emotional “rich tranquil textures.”

Key Features

  • 731 presets in total
  • Includes 204 .nki presets each built from 12 individual Drone presets
  • 10GB of audio (compressed to 9GB in Kontakt’s lossless format)
  • Developed for the full (paid for) version of Kontakt 5.6
  • Performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Evolving, rich and complex sounds that would otherwise take hours to create
  • Create creepy, otherworldly sci-fi atmospheres or rich, romantic, melodic pads
  • From sharp, loud and dramatic to soft, soothing and dreamy
  • Foreboding and suspenseful to relief and calm
  • The perfect companion for movie, tv and video game soundtrack projects as well as Pop and Ambient music
  • Expert and beginner friendly
  • 4 ‘ambiences’ – Close (large ensemble, close mics), Small (small ensemble), Hall and Cathedral
  • 6 pages of simple controls deliver massive control
  • Create your own rhythm patterns in amongst the pad magic with the Rhythm Editor
  • Dive deeper with DRONAR´s unique independent arpeggiators
  • Onboard FX provide further sound design options

System Requierements:
Requires full version of Kontakt v5.6.

Pricing and Availability:
DRONAR Live Strings is available now for the introductory price of £55.96 (inc. VAT) from the Time + Space website here.

See it in action below.