New Plugin Dynamics Control Promises “Full Control” over Dynamic Range

For those out there searching for high fidelity dynamic range HoRNet may just have the very thing you need with their new plugin Dynamics Control…

dynamics control

Promising to grant users “full control” over dynamic range, Dynamics Control comes armed with three compressors. The first, a soft knee and a smooth response limits the loudest parts, while the second, based on the CompExp algorithm, changes the gain level to squeeze the signal around the chosen threshold level. The final ‘upward’ compressor then amplifies rather than reduces any signal below the set threshold.


We’re told that these three compressors aim to “first smooth out peaks with the “top” compressor, then lift up the softer parts with the “bottom” compressor and finally reduce the general dynamic range with the “mid” compressor.”

Dynamics Control has been designed to used on the master bus but could quite easily find a home on broadcasting, mastering voiceovers and podcasting.

Dynamics Control costs €12.99 and is available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. You can try before you buy thanks to the downloadable demo available here where full info and specs can also be found.