Transform Your Humming Into Tunes With Cloud-Based App HumBeatz

How many times have you started humming a tune to yourself and filed it away for a future track? Well now there’s a free cloud-based app called HumBeatz that could help transform those melodies into music…


Developed by AmpTrack Technologies, this free 4-track loop creator features both pitch and beat detection and works through a Chrome web browser. Users can vocalise a melody or bass line in Hum Mode, and assign it to one of more than 100 General MIDI instruments within the virtual keyboard. Beatz Mode works in a similar fashion, whereby users choose from 8 drum kits and 8 percussion kits, then create recorded rhythm parts by beatboxing, which is automatically converted to percussion instruments.


Bil Bryant, CEO of AmpTrack Technologies, says, “HumBeatz is a great way for non-musicians to easily participate in the music creation process and for musicians to save and check out an idea when away from their instrument. We are still developing it, but we want as many people as possible to try the free online beta that contains machine learning algorithms; that will help us improve the product.”

Additionally, HumBeatz offers sync and quantization, and two effects plug-ins with eight pre-sets each, so recorded loops sound like professional recordings. Parts, notes and sound assignments can also be manually changed in the app. Recordings can also be further refined by saving and importing work into AmpTrack technologies’ Amped Studio, a full-fledged, free online DAW, or exporting to the desktop.

Try it for yourself here.