Hyve is an expressive touch synth that’s launched on Kickstarter

Meet Hyve, a new analogue synth with an expressive touch interface that resembles the Buchla Music Easel and is designed to enable anyone to make music…


Featuring a 60-voice polyphonic engine the Hyve responds to pressure and horizontal/vertical movements and we’re told that even the faintest touch can have an effect.


The synth is split into two parts. The bottom half resembles a standard musical keyboard; move vertically to sweep through octaves and horizontally to adjust the panning. You can even bend the pitch via pressure-control.

On the top half you’ll find a hexagonal grid that groups complimentary notes together, allowing you to play chords with one finger and slide to the next chord with ease.

Pricing and Availability:
There’s a variety of configurations available. $79 will get you the bare circuit board with touch interface, or for $149 you can get the Synth Maker kit that can be built at home without the need for any soldering. If DIY isn’t your thing then for $299 you can get the Premium model, which comes with a wooden back.

Find out more on the Hyve Kickstarter page.

See how it works in the video below.