ICMP Offer £50 Off Music Production Courses

Our friends at the ICMP are running a fantastic offer where users entering the promo code ICMP2016 receive £50 off their music production course

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The offer ends on the 10th October so head to ICMP.co.uk to find out more and to enter your discount!


Official Information About the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

We understand that as an aspiring musician, songwriter or music business entrepreneur you have some difficult choices to make as you start out on your career. Our mission is to inspire, encourage and equip our students to succeed by delivering relevant and innovative education of the highest quality. And we have over 30 years of experience in providing the skills and knowledge and sharing our experience with thousands of students

The ICMP was the first to offer full-time programmes for students of contemporary music, and we continue to innovate and develop our provision. This unrivalled experience means that our students acquire the techniques to express themselves, the tools to survive in the industry, and the ability to make rewarding careers as players, performers, teachers, industry executives, entrepreneurs, and more.

The ICMP is an independent provider of music education. Unlike other schools, we are not beholden to investors who have short-term business goals to achieve. Our objective is not simply to open more and more centres and enrol more and more students.

As a result, we can take a very long-term view on developing and improving our provision and standards of excellence to support the career development of a wide range of aspiring musicians, creative artists and music entrepreneurs. At the ICMP, you can be sure that the school always has your best interests at heart. Many places try to copy our formula, but, of course, there is only one ICMP – original, innovative, independent and individual.

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