NAMM 2017: iConnectivity introduce the spinXLR

On the back of the announcement of ConnectAUDIO2/4, iConnectivity has also announced spinXLR™, “the missing link between turntable and studio”…


Here’s the details in their own words.


This high-quality preamp quickly and easily enables musicians, DJs, and producers to hear their vinyl as it should be heard, by connecting their record deck directly to their professional level studio mixer or audio interface.

To use the preamp, simply plug the turntable’s standard RCA phono jacks into one end of spinXLR and then plug the other end into your mixer or audio interface via the included XLR cables. spinXLR runs on the 48v phantom power supplied directly by your interface or mixer, so there’s no external power supply required.

spinXLR is a true high-quality professional preamp at a surprisingly affordable price. Whether listening back to test pressings of new recordings, sampling undiscovered gems from old half-forgotten albums, or simply listening for pleasure on the best gear around, spinXLR deserves a place in every studio that works with vinyl records.

“This is the missing link between turntables and the modern production environment,” says Al Joelson, VP of Sales and Marketing. “DJs and other musicians will love how streamlined spinXLR™ is. But there’s also a very good reason people listened to records for 100 years: they sound great! Vinyl is making a comeback, and we’re excited to be a part of that.”

Top Features

  • Stereo RCA Phono inputs accept magnetic phono cartridge outs from any turntable
  • Ground wire attachment eliminates hum
  • +48V phantom powered from any XLR input (audio interface, mixer, mic preamp). No wall power required
  • Standard RIAA de-emphasis equalization curve built in; no additional processing required
  • Balanced XLR outputs ensure low-noise connections, especially in live situations

spinXLR will be available for purchase February 1, 2017 with an estimated street price of $59.99/€59 at iConnectivity resellers worldwide.