IK Multimedia unveils iKlip 3 series

Tablet mounting range improved with quick adjustment and tripod support.

IK Multimedia has expanded its popular and affordable range of tablet mounting hardware with the iKlip 3 series. This comprises three new products: the iKlip 3, iKlip 3 Video and iKlip 3 Deluxe.

iKlip 3

This is an overhaul of the original iKlip, launched seven years ago. It’s designed to attach to the front, side or boom arm of any microphone stand up to 1.2 inches in diameter. With the iKlip 3, installation is quicker than ever and a new spring-loaded design means changing your tablet’s orientation from portrait to landscape is as quick as a pull and twist.

The tablet-holding bracket has also been improved with more durable rubber pads and an open design that leaves buttons and ports accessible. There’s even a Velcro strip slot on the rear of the iKlip 3 to help you tidy your cables and allow mounting of the latest iRig mobile audio interfaces.

iKlip 3 Video


The iKlip 3 Video takes all the advancements from the regular iKlip 3 but allows you to mount your tablet on a camera tripod or, indeed, the top of a microphone stand.

iKlip 3 Deluxe

The iKlip 3 Deluxe is an uber mount with the stand mounting hardware from both the iKlip 3 and iKlip 3 Video, making it a good choice for multi-talented content creators.

It’s able to accommodate tablets ranging in size from seven to 12.9 inches (with or without case), which means it can handle everything from an iPad mini to the largest iPad.

Check out a quick introduction to the iKlip 3 here:

Both the iKlip 3 and iKlip 3 Video are available now for $49.99. The iKlip 3 Deluxe costs $69.99. More information at ikmultimedia.com.