IK Multimedia’s iLoud Micro Monitor Now Shipping

IK Multimedia has announced that its iLoud Micro Monitor, which IK claims is the world’s smallest active studio reference monitoring system, is now shipping.

iLoud Micro Monitor

Generally we expect a respectable set of monitors to look the part, but according to IK we’re not to be fooled by iLoud’s compact size, which features “an ultra-linear frequency response, best-in-class bass (down to 55hz @ -3db), the smallest footprint and incredibly detailed sound”.


iLoud isn’t just designed to squeeze into the smallest of studio spaces but also the bedroom, hotel room, tour bus and even for home listening. Add to that the ability to use both RCA and 1/8” wired connections, as well as Bluetooth pairing and iLoud promises to be a very versatile addition to a musician/producers setup.

iLoud Micro Monitor is available now for $/€299.99 per pair (excluding taxes). For more information visit www.iloudmm.com