Iota Is A New Granular Looper For MAX4LIVE

Iota is a unique new granular instrument for Ableton Live that allows you to create lots of mini loops from just a single sample…


Developed by L.A.-based musician and programmer Dillon Bastan, Iota lets you drag a source sample from Live and select a region within it to be rendered as a continuous stream of tiny slices. Graphical editing tools are then used to draw, move and resize ‘boxes’ in the spectogram, “each one defining the length and frequency content of a band-pass filtered loop in a clear and immediately representative visual manner.”


These boxes can then be arranged and overlapped, deconstructed, fragmented and diced with as much precision as you like.

You can control the loops in the plug-in using Ableton’s Push controller or a MIDI keyboard. See how it works below.

Pricing and Availability:
Iota is available for €29 from the Ableton store, though you’ll need both Live and Max for Live to run it.