Pre-Order iZotope’s VocalSynth 2 and Creative Suite

iZotope has announced the imminent arrival of VocalSynth 2 and Creative Suite, which can be pre-ordered for a special discounted price…

VocalSynth 2 introduces Biovox, a brand new module that models the physics and sounds of the human vocal tract, promising to bring character, breathiness and shape. Additionally, Chorus and Ring Mod effects will also be included for further experimentation. VocalSynth2 will also join Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 in iZotope’s inter-plugin communication, meaning users can now see it in Neutron 2’s Masking Meter, Visual Mixer and Tonal Balance Control.


VocalSynth 2

Creative Suite is the next step from iZotope’s Creative Bundle, featuring VocalSynth 2, Iris 2, Trash 2 Expanded, BreakTweaker Expanded, Stutter Edit, DDLY, and Mobius Filter.

Pricing and Availability:
Creative Suite and VocalSynth 2 are coming soon. You can currently buy the Creative Bundle for the reduced price of $349, which can be upgraded to Suite for free and similarly purchase VocalSynth for the reduced price of $149 and upgrade to 2 for free.