KAMI-OTO is a DIY Cardboard Keyboard for Desktop and iOS

We didn’t expect to be writing about a new cardboard keyboard either, the first was surprise enough. However, that hasn’t discouraged Reo Nagumo’s kickstarter for the KAMI-OTO…


Unlike Nintendo Labo, the KAMI-OTO is a DIY cardboard keyboard designed to work with desktop or an iOS device. Developed by Reo Nagumo, this is the newest music app to come out of his company ‘YUDO’.


Based on traditional Japanese origami, the cardboard body is complimented by a main board, silicone contacts and cardboard keys. It connects to the desktop/iOS device via USB or Bluetooth should you wish, and assembly only takes half an hour.

Pricing and Availability:
KAMI-OTO is currently on Kickstarter where you can find more information and/or pledge towards its creation.