Klevgränd Release Tines – Virtual Electric Piano

Hot on the heels of their vocal synthesizer Jussi, Klevgränd has released Tines, their very own virtual electric piano…


Tines doesn’t come pre-packaged with a multitude of features to get lost in, but instead favours a simpler approach, featuring variable decay time, stereo tremolo and “a subtle roomy reverb”.


Klevgränd claims that the new instrument can sound like anything between the smooth ethereal tones of a Rhodes to a nasty Wurlitzer, though they stress that rather than designing a vintage emulation, the new piano sim aims to be a modern and playable instrument.

Tines is available on MacOS and Windows as well as iOS at an introductory price of $12.99 and £3.99 respectively.

Watch the demo video below and check out more info over at Klevgrand.se