Korg Celebrates 30 Years of the iconic M1 Keyboard

Korg has begun celebrations for the 30th anniversary of its M1 keyboard with a series of special promotions lined up to commemorate it. Here’s Korg with the full details…

m1 keyboard

In 1988 KORG released the legendary M1. Unlike any other keyboard of that time, it featured a ground-breaking combination of cutting edge synthesis, digital effects, drums and an onboard sequencer. The M1 defined a whole new product category known as the “Workstation”, which has remained to this day with products such as the industry-leading KRONOS.


Thirty years since the release of the M1, the legacy lives on with its iconic sounds still being used on many recordings. In recognition of the 30th anniversary, we have decided that 1st May will be designated as M1 day, triggering the start of our celebrations. Production of the M1 ceased in 1995 at which point it was the best-selling synthesizer of all time. Today, the heritage of the KORG M1 lives on in our software synths, iOS apps and free expansions for the KROME Workstation.

The anniversary celebrations commence on the 1st May – M1 Day, with a special sale of KORG’s software versions of M1, and will run for 30 days. The Korg Collection M1 is now available for $24.99 and the Korg iM1 for iPad is just $14.99. Other activities are also planned in the coming months acknowledging 30th years of this very special product. For further information head here.