Korg Release ARP Odyssei iOS Synth

Back in 2015 KORG released the ARP Odyssey, a complete reproduction of the original 70s synthesiser. However, that wasn’t enough for KORG, who have just released ARP Odyssei, a reimagining of the classic synth for iOS.


Faithfully modelled on the circuitry of the reproduced ARP Odyssey using KORG’s Component Modelling Technology (CMT), the Odyssei could potentially blow its competitors out of the water and here’s why…


“Instead of merely simulating the output sound as conventional modelling does, KORG’s CMT is a method for using digital equivalents of the transistors, capacitors, resistors and other components…to reconstruct the same signal path digitally. This perfectly reproduces the complex range of sounds and parameters available only on the ARP Odyssey”.

ARP Odyssei is available now for a special price of £14.99 on iPhone and iPad until the 30th November 2016. Watch it in action below and find out more here